Friday, May 15, 2009

We Have Heirloom, Organic, Locally Grown Vegetable Starts!

There is nothing better than a garden fresh tomato with all its summer sweetness. Now more than ever people are growing their own. Heirloom varieties, like the Green Zebra Tomato, offer more flavor and fruit through out the growing season.

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful organic farm, Regeneration CSA, down the road from us in High Falls. Sarah and Kevin grow heirloom seeds organically, and we're selling these great varieties:

Tomato Varieties - All Indeterminate

Brandywine- A favorite. Meaty with the perfect hint of tartness. Beefsteak fruits average 1 lb.

Rutgers- Famous New Jersey tomato. Outstanding slicing, cooking, and canning variety. Rich red fruit 5- 8 oz.

Green Zebra- Starts out green with dark green stripes, turns yellow when ripe. 4- 5 oz.

Garden Peach- 2 oz. yellow fruits, blush pink when ripe. Relatively early and prolific. Sweet, curious and delicious.

Fargo Yellow Pear- Yellow plum shaped fruit. Prolific!

Black Cherry- Sweet yet rich and complex fruit. Abundant, vigorous, tall plants.

Be My Baby - Red cherry tomatoes.

Principe Borghese- Small fruit will turn into sun dried tomatoes right on the vine! Perfect for the lazy gardener.

Paul Robeson - This famous tomato has almost a cult following among seed collectors and tomato connoisseurs. Sweet and smokey. 7-10 oz. fruit are a black-brick color.

Rose de Berne- Beautiful pink tomato. A favorite!

Mama Leone- Great tomato for canning and sauces.

Eggplant Varieties - These Varieties are well suited for areas like ours with a relatively short growing season.

Casper Eggplant- This delectable ivory-white skinned eggplant is a very early producer of 5-6 inch long fruit. Will provide you with lots of fruit.

Thai Green- Light green, long fruit. Light flavor, not bitter like the more common eggplant. Perfect in asin curries.

Ping Tung- Light Purple, long Chinese variety. Vigorous and stress tolerant. Harvest before full maturity. Sweet!

We also have beets, kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, sweet peppers and hot peppers, and we have more vegetable starts arriving weekly.

Vegetable starts are heirloom, organic and locally grown.

Mix-n-match 4-packs

for $3

3” pots $3

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