Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Water this week! Your Plants Will Thank You.

Why water?
Why do your plants need water in November?

It's true, plants have lost their flowers and their leaves, but most plants are still growing. This is the time of year where trees and shrubs put on new root growth. The forecast for this week is clear and beautiful - great for those of us still outside raking and planting bulbs, but moisture is evaporating from the soil.

Water will help now and later.
You want your garden soil to be moist when the ground freezes.

That's because during most winters in our region, we experience a warm spell, usually around January, where the ground thaws. A plant's root growth is activated by the warming soil, and if there is no water near the roots, growth can be stunted or damage can occur like winter-burn.

So take a minute this week, step out into this glorious weather, and give your plantings a big drink.>

Friday, November 13, 2009

15% to 50% off!

Pictured above: Fritillaria (Yes, they're deer-resistant!)

Bulbs Are 15% off!
And we have oh so many deer-resistant varieties!

When they bloom in May, Allium 'Ivory Queen' is the most asked about plant in our gardens. "What is that plant?" Everyone wants to know.

Alll of the Allium are deer-resistant, and we love them. We brought in many new and unusual varieties of Daffodils, Fritillaria, Hyacinth, and Grape Hyacinth, which are all deer resistant also.

And for those lucky gardeners with fencing, we have some jaw-droppingly gorgeous varieties of tulips.

Nursery Plants Are 50% off!
What do we have left?

We have clumping bamboo, and regular retail prices for clumping bamboo range from $70 to $130. So with 50 % off, clumping bamboo at $35 to $40 is a steal.

We have a selection of Lilac, Rose of Sharon, White Dome Hydrangea, Little Leaf Holly, Japanese Maple, Little King River Birch, Royal River Birch, Rosa Rugosa, Bridal Wreath Spirea, Dwarf Sweet Gum, Harry Lauder's Walking Stick, Early Fragrant Viburnum, Ornamental Bonfire Peach, Calycanthus, Clethra, and an assortment of grasses.

We have a handful of perennials left, so if you are looking for something in particular, give us call (845-658-9007).