Thursday, September 15, 2011

Victoria Gardens is going to the dogs!

We're raising money for The Kingston Point Dog Park!

20% of the sales from these adorable felted, papier-mâché, and glass dog ornaments will be donated to help build The Kingston Point Dog Park, a safe, responsibly designed, well managed recreation facility with education programs to foster respectful and compassionate human/dog relationships!

Our dear friend and professional landscaper Angela Garnier is one of the organizers and champions of The Kingston Point Dog Park project. She has shared with us the many benefits dog parks offer both to the dogs and the communities where they have been established.

A dog park is a fenced-in, designated area where dogs may run "off-leash” under the supervision of their owners. The parks provide unique recreational and social opportunities for both humans and their canine friends. The dogs enjoy the open space, fresh air and exercise and their owners enjoy the bonding and community building that occurs between people who share a love of their pets. Our love of dogs gives our diverse community a great reason to come together as neighbors!

People from every demographic, cultural and ethnic background come together and share mutual interests and values through responsible dog ownership. The community also shares concern for handicapped and senior citizens who have limited ability or opportunity to exercise their pets. Dog owners and non-dog owners alike can enjoy the congenial atmosphere.

Public dog recreation areas are a proven attraction for vacationers traveling with their dogs. Increased patronage of local business in the vicinity of the park also generates additional sales and tax revenue.

Dog parks are frequently used by dog owners in early morning and late evening (before and after work) and reduce the incidence of vandalism and crime in nearby neighborhoods. Public demonstrations and expert instruction in effective and gentle dog training, veterinarian medical treatment, and information about dog protection laws improve living conditions and emphasize humane treatment for all dogs.

The Kingston Dog Control Office will supervise local compliance with NYS requirements for current dog license and rabies tags. In communities that have dog parks, statistically, there are reduced rates of dog bite incidents.

As you can see, this is a project that will benefit the entire community, not just pet owners. And it is so easy to give your support. These adorable ornaments available at Victoria Gardens in Rosendale, NY make great gifts for all the dog lovers you know, and you will be contributing to a good cause!

"Give dogs a new "unleash" on life!

For more information about this great project visit their website: