Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Annuals: It's Time To Plant Annuals

We arrange our greenhouses into full sun annuals and part shade annuals, and we color block them for your convenience. Here are some luscious purples:

Now that the threat of frost has past and it is finally warm, it's time to plant up your containers and add some sparkle to your garden beds.

Why annuals? Annuals provide a garden with blooms all summer long, and they fill in space while you wait for shrubs and perennials to grow to their full size.

Many new gardeners make the mistake of planting things too close together (because we all want our gardens to look full right away), but then two seasons later are digging up and moving around crowded plants.

Annuals are the answer.

Heliotropes - lovely vanilla scented flower that attracts butterflies. Best in full sun.

Mexican Heather - full sun to part shade this delicate flower is a great addition to container planting.

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