Saturday, March 13, 2010

Listen To The Garden Show with Victoria and Sally Spillane

Sunday March 21st at 8 am on WKZE (98.1 FM) Victoria will be talking with The Garden Show host Sally Spillane.

Victoria will be talking about opening, spring plants and seeds of course, and she will also be talking about "Sunday Coffee in the Garden" which will meet for the first time Sunday March 21st 10 am, so come on down and join us.

It's very casual - you can bring your questions or your expertise - and chat with Victoria and fellow enthusiasts (hort- heads and horticulture junkies) about what's happening in your garden - problems, pests or even better, triumphs and success - After all who else can you share your excitement with when - YES! your daphne survives it's transplant, or when you get a record number of blooms on your peony tree?

If you miss the show, you can listen to the podcast.

"Sally is the upbeat host of the morning talk show, "THE GARDEN SHOW". Her guests are regionally based gardeners, landscapers, business-owners, and plant experts. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her wisdom on plants, people, and life is second-to-none. Sally is one of the few remaining people in life who does not believe in email!"