Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Virtual Garden Virtual Tour: Mohonk Mountain House 'Out of Africa' Part 1

Every year Mohonk Mountain House plants its Victorian style annual beds with a new a theme. This year's theme, 'Out of Africa', has produced a riotous explosion of tropical color. The tall banana trees and black leaf elephant ears are practically neutrals in this garden filled with hot colors and exotic (and sometimes furry!) blooms. The gardens will be in full bloom from now until frost, and Mohonk is only about 8 minutes (aound the corner and up the mountain) from Victoria Gardens. So make plans to see this spectacular planting this fall!

Blue Moon Sale - 50% off all plants!

We often get asked, when's your big sale? But unlike a lot of other nurseries, we plant most of our stock through the Victoria Gardens landscaping division. So we don't always have a "big" sale. 

 But this year we decided to do 50% off all plants for Labor Day, in part as a thank you to all our customers. We appreciate your business, we are grateful for your support, and so this sale is for you. 

 We have beautiful Pansy Redbuds, smoke bushes, blackberry iris, knock out roses, spring ephemerals, ferns, deer resistant shade and deer resistant sun selections. 

 Fall is the second planting season. Cool nights and warm days make new plantings happy! 

 After the sale we will bring in all new stock, and the nursery will be full with fall blooms, ornamental grasses, perennial mums, echinachea, and spring blooming bulbs! 

 Victoria Gardens will have beautiful, healthy plants in stock through November! 

 Visit and be inspired to plant this fall!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Closed Monday August 27th for staff training and education.

CLOSED Monday August 27th for staff training and education.

If you leave a message (845) 658-9007, we will return your call on Tuesday, August 28th when we resume our regular summer hours.

Thank you.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cool Weather Crops - What can I grow?

'Bull's Blood' Beets are a delicious heirloom variety.

'Cosmic Purple' Carrots have almost a cult following with our customers. Very tasty. Very easy.

You hated them as a kid, but don't you love them now! Turnips are an Autumn must-grow.

Kale will turn sweeter when kissed by a little early frost!

Mache: America's Next Lettuce Love?

'Tom Thumb' is a sweet miniature butterhead lettuce. Kids will love it.

And 'Lavewa' Spinach, seed a lot and harvest early - baby spinach is soooo tender!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Extend your growing season and harvest through the winter

Photos by Barbara Bash

If you missed the class on late season seeding and temporary hoop houses, fear not. We've got what you need to be able to extend your growing season.

 Our guest speaker, Barbara Bash has put up hoop houses for two winters now. Last winter, which was so mild, she harvested greens and other cool weather crops ALL WINTER!

 The year before, which had a much colder (traditional North Eastern) winter, she was still able to harvest through New Years! Two extra months is pretty amazing, especially when you're utilizing a vegetable garden that is already prepped.

Photos by Barbara Bash 

 We now have the specialty supplies at Victoria Gardens, so you too can put up a winter hoop house and extend your growing season. (You can also set up smaller hoop houses. For her demonstration, Barbara set up a small house with only two "hoops".

 Stop by the store, we have a demo house set up and we can walk you through the (very easy!) process of setting one up yourself.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hot, hot, hot! Echinachea 'Hot coral'

I can't get enough of these multicolored 'Hot Coral' Echinachea. Love, love, love! You will too, when they spice up your garden!

Echinachea 'Hot Coral'
Zone 4
Grow in full sun.
Grows 22 to 24 inches tall and wide.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vic' picks - Late Summer Color

Crocosmia adds splashy color to a background of ornamental grass. 

Golden Jenny carpets the ground in shade or sun.

Endless Summer hydrangea is simply dreamy. Pair this everbloom shrub with the long flowering yellow Knockout roses and you will be rewarded with soft complimentary colors from June to November!

Platycodon grandiflorus 'Shell Pink' looks delicate with it's soft pink color, but it's deer resistant, tough, and cold hardy - a sturdy perennial that will bloom year after year.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Put down seeds in mid-September, and harvest kale and arugula through New Years! We'll show you how.

Fall Seeding Class with Barbara Bash
Sunday August 19th 11am  
(right after Coffee in the Garden)
Reservations necessary - $10 per person.
Call 845-658-9007 to register.
(We still have a few open spots, call to reserve today!)
Our special guest speaker, Barbara Bash (artist and gardener extraordinaire!) will talk about her adventures with winter hoop houses -successes, trials and tribulations, and lessons learned!
This class was very popular last year, so we are bringing it to you again! If you have a vegetable garden, don't let your bounty end with the summer. Barbara will show you how to extend your season with super easy, temporary, winter hoop house - as small or as large as you like! Hoop House Workshop 2 Hoop House Workshop  
Barbara will provide a source list for all the materials necessary to extend your vegetable harvest through the snowy season! 

We have cool weather vegetable seeds in stock.