Friday, October 26, 2012

Great Garden Statues

Mama turtle and her babies.

The incredible Mr. Fox.

And the best behaved dogs ever!

Come by Victoria Gardens on Rt. 213 and Cottekill Road to see all the other all-weather, animal garden statues: deer, pigs, cats, snails, frogs, and more!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Felted Mice and Miniatures

We're all a little in love with these hand-felted mice! And by a happy accident they are the perfect scale for our dish garden miniatures. Cafe tables, garden gates, watering cans, even bicycles and wagons!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New addition: Miniature Dish Garden Class November 11th!

We have some really great hands-on workshops coming up in November and December:

Sunday November 4th - - 11am Class - Hypertufa Workshop Guest instructor Cheryl Alloway

November 4th at 11am, guest instructor Cheryl Alloway will show you just how easy it is to DYI beautiful planters. The class is $20 and you leave the class with the planter you made, as well as the know-how to make more! Cheryl will also talk about what types of plants are most adaptable to these planters. Bring rubber gloves (dishwashing type), we’ll supply the rest. Call 845-658-9007 to register. Reservations necessary – $20 per person. Includes material cost. 

Sunday November 11th - - 11am Class – Miniature Dish Garden Workshop (An Abridged Fairy Class) 

And for all of you who missed our Fairy Day in March, we are having a miniature dish garden workshop on November 11th. We will show you hands-on how to create a dish garden, while Laura Wyeth provides a background on flower fairy lore. Call 845-658-9007 to register. Reservations necessary – $35 per person. Space is limited, so call today! Includes 14” terracotta dish, soils, plants and mosses. (Miniature decorations sold separately.)

Aren't they too cute?

Then in December:

Sunday December 2nd - 11am Holiday Garland Workshop

Have you always wanted to use greens and cuttings from your garden to create a unique holiday display for your mantle or banister? We’ll show you how! Greens, floral wire, and a little creativity can transform your home into a winter celebration of holiday cheer.
Reservations necessary - $10 per person. Call 845-658-9007 to register.

Sunday December 16th - 11am Table Dressing Class

Welcome your holiday dinner guests with table settings that add sparkle and cheer to any holiday celebration. Victoria will demonstrate how to use holiday ornaments and greens to create a unique holiday display for your table. Create centerpieces and conversation starters, place cards and favors.
Reservations necessary - $10 per person. Call 845-658-9007 to register.

Sign up today to reserve your spot.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's that plant? Brugmansia

What's this plant? And what's that smell?

The bud unfurls...

And the flower releases an amazing scent at the end of the day.

Brugmansia is a tropical flowering tree that has long, trumpet-shaped, downward facing flowers (thus the the common name: Angel's Trumpet). And besides being beautiful, these blooms exude an amazing fragrance in the evenings. 

 The sweet scent is meant to attract moth pollinators in their native South America. Lucky for us, even without the tropical weather or their longed-for moths, the Brugmansia blossoms fill our building with the most amazing perfume at the end of the day. 

 It is such a treat! Stop by and smell for yourself. 

The perfume is faint in the flower during the day, and around 3pm starts to grow stronger. Take note of our October hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturdays 10am - 6pm Sundays 10am - 4pm 

 Visit and be inspired!

Available in yellow and peach (pictured below).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October Garden Chores Part 1

What should you be doing in your garden now that fall is here? 

October Garden Chores Part 1: 

#1. Frost warnings this year mean that the first thing you should do is bring your house plants inside and repot them if needed. How can you tell if a plant needs to be repotted? 

If a plant is "root bound", it is time to step up the plant to a slightly larger pot.

And to help motivate you before the early frost arrives, all potting soil, pottery, plant stands, and saucers are 15% off at Victoria Gardens.

#2 Sunday October 7th 

Start planning your winter garden.

Plant winter interest like 'Winter Gem' boxwoods, 'Grey Owl' Junipers, Redtwig dogwood, Blue Spruce, and Holly. Adding structures like arbors and trellises can also give your garden added interest, especially covered in snow.

#3 Plant that tree or shrub!

You couldn't ask for better planting weather. The cool nights and all this rain are perfect for new plantings. Even though the air is cooling off the ground is still warm. This combination triggers root growth, which is especially beneficial for trees and shrubs. 

So if you want to plant a weeping Katsura or or a hedge of Golden Winterberry, Callicarpa, or other fall-fruiting shrubs, now is the time!

We have beautiful and healthy perennials, trees and shrubs in the nursery, just take note of our October hours:


10am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Saturdays 10am - 6pm

Sundays 10am - 4pm

Visit us on facebook or email us at to be put on our email newsletter list.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to repot a root bound house plant

For our video and instructions on how to repot a root-bound houseplant visit our new site:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall berries: Cotoneaster 'Tom Thumb'

Fall fruiting shrubs are showing their true colors. Cotoneaster 'Tom Thumb' seen here in full blush.

Tom Thumb cotoneaster
Cotoneaster dammeri 'Tom Thumb'
Hardiness Zone: 5 - 7
Mature Height: .5 -1 Feet
Mature Width: 3 Feet
Small, pale pink flowers in spring; summer leaves are lustrous; small, bright red fruit in late summer and autumn; autumn color is red.
Full sun; prefers a moist, well-drained soil, but can tolerate dryness; tolerates alkaline soil, somewhat tolerant of salt.
Mature Form: Rounded shrub with slightly arching branches.
Native To: China
Soil condition: Dry,Moist, Well-Drained Moist, Wet
Tolerance: Alkaline Soil, Dry Sites, Salt,Wind