Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Great Shade Perennial Combo

Most shade plants bloom in the spring, but you can still give even the darkest corners of your garden great color all summer. Pick plants with colorful foliage and contrasting textures. This combination is Trifolium 'Dark Dancer', Heuchera 'Midnight Rose' (Coral Bell), and Athyrium 'Ghost' (Ghost fern). Dark purples of the Heuchera and Trifolium contrast with the light green of the Ghost fern, plus the distinct textures of the leaves create a rich garden tapestry.

You can of course add flowering plants to the mix. This Aquilegia 'Swan Burgundy and White' is a perfect color match to the combo.

Trifolium and Athryium are both deer-resistant, but the Heuchera and the Aquilegia are not. A deer resistant substitution for the Heuchera could be Black Mondo grass.

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