Thursday, August 23, 2012

Extend your growing season and harvest through the winter

Photos by Barbara Bash

If you missed the class on late season seeding and temporary hoop houses, fear not. We've got what you need to be able to extend your growing season.

 Our guest speaker, Barbara Bash has put up hoop houses for two winters now. Last winter, which was so mild, she harvested greens and other cool weather crops ALL WINTER!

 The year before, which had a much colder (traditional North Eastern) winter, she was still able to harvest through New Years! Two extra months is pretty amazing, especially when you're utilizing a vegetable garden that is already prepped.

Photos by Barbara Bash 

 We now have the specialty supplies at Victoria Gardens, so you too can put up a winter hoop house and extend your growing season. (You can also set up smaller hoop houses. For her demonstration, Barbara set up a small house with only two "hoops".

 Stop by the store, we have a demo house set up and we can walk you through the (very easy!) process of setting one up yourself.