Friday, October 22, 2010

Victoria Gardens' Gift Guide: "That'll do Pig."

Too early to be thinking of the holidays?
Fair enough, but we will be adding a Gift Guide Section to our website, and this is only a preview.

Now that the road is opening, we hope you all will stop by for birthday presents and holiday gifts (maybe even a gift or two for yourself)!

We have a wide selection of these adorable animal ornaments in stock now.

More gift ideas.

Fab, Fab, Fall Foliage: Deutzia gracilis 'Duncan' (Chardonnay Pearls)

Summer foliage of lime-yellow offers outstanding color and brightens shady spots in your garden, and then in autumn turns a striking burgundy. (Super fab.)

Pearl-like buds explode into a shower of white flowers in the spring. Can tolerate full sun to partial shade. Compact growing habit (20" by 20") is the perfect small shrub for perennial borders.