Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30% Off Hedges

Look at the fall color on this hardy orange! It is so amazing. These shrubs bloom with white flowers in late winter/ early spring, and their branches stay a bright green color even after they lose their leaves. They would make an incredible hedge.

Actually we have a lot of great hedge plants still in the nursery: clumping bamboo, Holly, fantail willows, Beauty Bush, Deutzia 'Chardonnay Pearls', Spirea, Viburnum, little river birch, forsythia, rose of Sharon, lilacs, Andromeda, PJM Rh...odies, Rosa Rugosa, yellow button bushes, Clethera 'Pink Spires', dappled willows, 'Pink Diamond' hydrangeas, Thujas, and Washington Hawthorns.

So we're putting all this hedging material on sale. Everything on the list is 20% off!
If you buy 6 shrubs, they're 30% off.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Terrariums Step by Step

Start with an attractive glass container.

Pick plants that like high humidity.

Pour charcoal into the bottom of your container.

Charcoal acts as a filter,

and keeps your terrarium from smelling "boggy."

Add potting mix.

Plant your selected plants into the mix.

Firm them in.

Victoria likes to use a group of three different plants.

Use moss to cover the exposed mix.

The moss makes the terrarium polished.

Lush and lovely.

Your terrarium will need very little maintenance.

When the very top of the soil mix starts to look dry, a few squirts from a spay bottle should keep your terrarium moist.