Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you missed the Private Garden Tour 9/11/11

Last weekend's private tour to the extensive gardens of clients was so lovely - Thank you again Ande and Peter for allowing us to visit your beautiful property!

Ande and Peter have lovingly sculpted and nurtured their land. They have built ponds, bridges, stone walls and patios, each with a changing vantage point of rolling landscape.

This talented couple is artful and thoughtful about adding elements to their landscape, but they are also playful. When you crest the hill along driveway, the first vista of the main pond rises up in front of you. Across the pond, lays teepee village, with a big fire pit and a Paul Bunion sized skillet for entertaining guests under the mature oaks, at the edge of the woods, overlooking the main pond.

Seating areas through out the property invite you to stop and watch the water meander from pond to pond.

The extensive property is not fenced, so Ande uses Russian sage, Peonies, Lavender, grasses, and other deer resistant plants.

Whale tail sculptures again add a sense of movement, joy, and playfulness to the rolling meadow along the driveway.

Multi-leveled ponds, flow into waterways, and down multiple waterfalls - Peter quarries stone off the property and builds all of the stone walls and bridges. Ande and Peter do a wonderful job of blending country side, farm, and forest with gardens and hardscapes.

The couple raise bison on their property, and on the tour we spotted both the real and the artful imitations.

Thank you again to Ande and Peter for generously sharing their amazing property with us, and thank you to everyone who attended.

Proceeds from this garden tour were donated to the Phonecia food pantry to help those affected by Irene.

September Blooms: Persicaria ‘Firetail’

Persicaria ‘Firetail’ Zones 3-9

Upright spikes of long blooming light pink, hot pink, or white flowers, Persicaria can take wet feet and grows well pond side. Can grow in full sun or part shade, marshy or well drained soil. Very low maintenance perennial. Plant and ignore.

Blooms from June until October. 'Firetail' grows into big 3 to 4 foot wide and high, bushy clumps.

Other varieties include 'Pink Elephant', which is a lighter pink and stays much smaller only 12 to 15 inches.