Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tools We Love: Part 2

In March only all tools are 15% off at Victoria Gardens in Rosendale, NY.
Here are some of our favorites to help with container planting:

Japanese Planting Knife – The Garden Warrior:

After you start to use this tool, you will find many more uses for it than you could have imagined. It is an essential, all-purpose tool for transplanting, weeding, cutting, and so much more. “I like it for planting in the garden,” Victoria says, “And also for the potting shed.” The knife can cut open a bag of potting soil, loosen soil in an old container, cut through pot bound roots, and then be used like a trowel. It doesn’t bend or break, even in rockiest, root-choked conditions. It’s a true garden warrior.

You will find 101 uses for these – TubTrugs:

Tubtrugs are lightweight and almost indestructible containers with heavy duty, comfort grip handles, and best of all you can use them for everything! Tote soil or mulch to another part of the garden or transport weeds to the compost pile. Use them to harvest veggies from your garden or apples from the orchard. The food-grade material can be used inside or out as ice buckets for tailgating or camping, or even as a large flexible dustpan. Victoria loves these Tubtrugs and even uses them instead of watering cans. “I also love the shallow ones for repotting house plants and for letting potted plants soak in a shallow bath of water and fertilizer.” The Tubtrugs are available in recycled plastic and six different sizes.