Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th of July 8 day Sale!!

The 4th of July falls on a Wednesday this year. Whether you are working in your yard before, during or after the 4th, Victoria Gardens can help!

Sunday to Sunday - July 1st to July 8th - we're having a sale so you can plant your containers and spruce up your gardens!

50% of all annuals, tropicals, and hanging baskets!

Plus 15% off all trees and shrubs!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Victoria Gardens Landscaping

Victoria Gardens' Landscaping Highlights

Over the next couple weeks we'll be spotlighting some of the projects designed, installed and maintained by Victoria Gardens. The landscaping division is busier than ever and we are so happy to be creating exciting gardens that bring so much pleasure to our clients.

Photos will be posted here, on Facebook, and in our monthly newsletter which you can pick up at Victoria Gardens on the corner of Rt. 212 and Cottekill Road between High Falls and Rosendale.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to buy your RVBA Garden Tour Tickets now:

1. Advance ticket sales for the Rondout Valley Garden Tour begin today at Victoria Gardens, so it's a very good excuse to visit Victoria Gardens.

2. The tour is a self-guided exploration of some of the area's most delightful private gardens and horticultural attractions. With 9 (!!!) gardens on the tour, you don't want to miss out.

3. If you were kicking yourself for missing the private gardens tours in May and April, this is your chance to let go of some of that regret. (Three spectacular gardens, including Victoria Gardens' Deb Gray and Photographer Jeff Stulz will both be on the tour July 14th.)

4. You can learn so much from visiting other people's gardens. You will see what their solution is for a particular challenge and you will take that inspiration home with you!

Photo by Jeff Stultz

5. Advance tickets are a bargain at $20. If you procrastinate, day-of-tour tickets are $25. Get your tickets early and save $5!

6. You're not doing anything that weekend! The tour takes place on Saturday, July 14, 10am - 4 pm (Rain date, Sunday, July 15), so meet up with some friends and carpool. Spend the day in good company and spectacular settings.

7. It benefits not just one, but TWO fantastic organizations, which enrich the community: the Rondout Valley Business Association (RVBA) and the Lederman Children's Center.

8.Credit card payments are accepted for all advance sales or for day-of ticket sales at Victoria Gardens.

9. We will accept checks and cash too!

10. Complimentary wine! End the tour at Victoria Gardens for the Apres' Tour Reception, 4:00-5:00 pm and have a complimentary glass of wine from Stone Ridge Wine and Spirits in yet another beautiful garden setting: Victoria Gardens, on the corner of Route 213 and Cottekill Road in Rosendale.

Ten very good reasons to stop in this weekend or call (845) 658-9007 and get your advance tickets pronto!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Slug-fest - Battle the slimy bug(ger)s with Coco mulch

Okay, technically slugs are not insects. They are actually animals! Gastropod mollusks to be exact, but garden pests all the same. They are eating your hostas and your young vegetable starts, and all this rain is turning your garden into a slug-fest!

At night it's like Woodstock - with slugs in tie-dyed t-shirts dancing in the mud!

So how do you protect your plants and your vegetables from the damage slugs cause?

Option #1. Stay up at night guarding your plants with a flashlight and a industrial size container of table salt. When you spot a slug douse it with salt and yell, "Die, die, die!" (Warning: excess table salt will harm your plants and sleep deprivation may negatively affect your quality of life.)

Option #2: Use Coco mulch around plants you would like to protect. Slugs don't like the texture or the smell of coco mulch. This method repels them, but (in the spirit of Woodstock) does not kill them.(This option also needs a warning for dog owners: if eaten, coco mulch, just like chocolate, can make your dog sick.)

Option #3: Spread granular Sluggo around the base of all your plants. Sluggo's active ingredient is iron phosphate, which while fatal to slugs is kid-safe, pet-safe, and can be used around edible crops.

Read more about how to battle slugs here.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Indoor/Outdoor rug designs!

Made from recycled plastic, these versatile, sturdy, and easy to clean rugs now come in new designs! Visit and be inspired to brighten up your deck or porch with one of these fresh looks:

Available in 4' x 6' only

Available in 5' x8' and 6' x 9'

Available in 5' x8' and 6' x 9'

Available in 4' x 6' only

Available in 4' x 6' only