Friday, April 17, 2009

Car Trunk Trees: Oxydendrum arboreum (Sourwood)

We are profiling a series of fantastic trees we have in stock in small 2 gallon containers. Every Northern gardener should have one of these:

Oxydendrum arboreum (Sourwood)

Why we love it: This native tree blooms when no other tree is blooming in summer, and with the panicles still on the tree, the fall foliage will knock your socks off.

Hardiness Zones: 5 to 9
Height: 25 ft to 30 ft Spread: 20 ft to 25 ft
Form: pyramidal
Type: deciduous tree
Annual Growth Rate: 8 to 15 inches
Flowers: White Blooms Mid- to Late Summer

Prefers full sun to partial shade. Can grow in acidic, infertile soil..
The primary attraction of this small deciduous tree is the drooping clusters of fragrant, white blossoms are borne on 4" to 10" long panicles. Flowers open over a three to four week period, and then the panicles remain on the tree while the leaves turn yellow, orange and red for a spectacular fall show. The persistent fruit remains on the tree through winter.

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Car trunk trees are what we are calling young trees in 2 to 3 gallon pots, small enough to bring home in the trunk of your car. There are many advantages to planting trees on your property: They can provide shade in the summer (trees can help keep your your house cool), trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen (cleaning the air and fighting global warming), well-chosen trees add value to your home.

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