Thursday, December 6, 2012

Join GADD: Gardeners Against Deer Damage

As in, “Eee GADDs! The deer ate everything!”

Deer don’t just snack on your shrubs.

They don’t just strip your evergreens of their foliage from the ground up leaving sad, silly looking lollypops where a lush spruce or pine used to stand.

No. Bucks also rub their antlers up and down along tree trunks, damaging the bark and the tree’s “vascular system” - its ability to move nutrients and moisture from it’s roots to its limbs and leaves.

Stop this horrific plant damage now!

Protect your plants by calling (845) 658-9007 and joining GADD.

The standard* cost for the GADD winter deer spray program is $100 and includes two applications covering up to 500 square feet.

The product we use is:

Locally Made

Contains All Natural Ingredients

Repels by Odor and Taste

Nourishing to Vegetation

Safe For Humans And Animals

& Winter Application Protects Plants From Harsh Cold and Wind

You are not powerless in the face of hungry, ravaging and rutting deer! Call Victoria Gardens and sign up for a full winter of deer protection. (845) 658-9007.

*If your garden or property is larger than 500 square feet, there will be an adjustment in price.

Join GADD:

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