Sunday, May 20, 2012

If you missed the May 6th Garden Tour - Jeff's Garden Part 1

The whole idea of three very different gardens in one creek-side neighborhood was the brainchild of photographer and Victoria Gardens' favorite, Jeff Stultz. How interesting that people who live within two hundred yards of each other can have three very different visions.

Because Jeff is an artist, he has an innate understanding for color and contrast that define his garden. But he also has the professional experience of garden photography, and I think that also is very apparent. Jeff creates layers in his garden with light and dark, but also with hardscapes and containers as well as seating areas and open spaces.

Plants grow together to create new textures, better than the sum of their parts.

Jeff's not the only one who lounges in the this beautiful garden.

Join us tomorrow for Jeff's garden Part 2!

If you missed the May 6th Private Garden Tour, visit the first garden on our virtual tour - 

All photographs by Jeff Stultz.

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