Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September Blooms: Hardy Hibiscus

Create a lush fall garden with brilliant September blooms:

Hardy Hibiscus zones 4-9

Huge blooms grace the garden from late summer until the first frost. Although they look tropical, they are very cold hardy and they thrive in moist soil.

Very late to leaf out in the spring. Don't give up on them, just because they look like bare sticks in May! Once they get going in warmer weather, you can't believe how fast they grow! In June watch out for Japanese beetles, because we've see hibiscus leaves turned to lace by those rotten defoliators. Use a preventative oil based spray, or if you actually see beetles on your hibiscus use Captain Jack's Dead Bug Spray (approved for organic gardening).

If you're out in deer country, spray the foliage and huge flowers with deer repellent. Locally made Deer Defeat is our favorite.

During your fall clean-up when the hibiscus has dropped its leaves, trim the stems down to about 6" from the ground.

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