Friday, September 2, 2011

September Blooms: Gentiana 'True Blue'

We think September has a bad reputation because of back-to-school drudgery. It is the ultimate buzz kill month. It marks the end of summer. The end of fun and freedom. And those associations die hard even for those of us decades out of school. But the gardening season is far from over!

September in the garden can be a lush, colorful, and full of exuberant blooms - with the right plants. All this month we will be featuring plants that offer not just color in the fall (fall foliage, ornamental seed heads, etc.), but truly bonafide blooms.

Gentiana “True Blue’ Zone 4-7

A ‘True Blue’ bloomer, Gentiana produces deep indigo flowers from midsummer to early fall. Gentiana grows 24” to 30” inches and is deer resistant too!

We are so impressed with these lovely late bloomers. Deep blue buds are just as attractive as the fully opened bloom.

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