Monday, March 21, 2011

Tools We Love: Part 1

In March only all tools are 15% off at Victoria Gardens in Rosendale, NY.
Here are some of our favorites. These four in particular help with spring clean up:

The Amazingly Astounding, Magical Expanding Rake – It Changes Right Before Your Eyes:

You can adjust the width of this rake to easily fit in between shrubs and plantings. It’s lightweight and easily adjusts from 7” to 24” with the pull of a lever. Solid steel tines, coated in rustproof zinc. Try not to step into your garden when the ground is still super muddy and soft. You can compress roots and damage plants, so use this rake, and stand at the edge of your garden, unless you have a path or stepping stones placed where you know you won't be stepping on the crowns of as yet unseen perennials.

Once you've raked out your garden, pick up the pile with these:
Hand Rake “Grabbers” – Pick Up More:

Not only do these durable “grabbers” aid in picking up large amounts of leaves and debris, they protect your hands form sticks, thorns, needles, and slimy slugs! Spring, summer, and fall, you will find these “extra hands” indispensable -
especially for leaves, compost, mulch, and muck.

Weeders – You won’t believe how “hooked” you’ll be!

If you’ve never used a weeder before, you are in for a treat. “Both are great. I haven’t decided which one I like best.” Victoria says. The hand-forged Dutch weeder was recommended by another professional landscaper, who swears this tool becomes “an extention” of her own body. These metal weeders have a nice weight and reach to them, and are available in a “left-handed” or “right handed” configuration.

The other weeder is called the Cobra, because of the sharp, heart-shaped end of the curved tool. The point easily penetrates deep into the soil and with a twist of the wrist tap roots, crab grass, and all other manner of dastardly garden thugs are snatched out of the soil.

These weeder tools also make handy helpers when sowing seeds directly into the garden. The nifty point easily makes furrows as deep or as shallow as you like.

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bbravo said...

The Dutch weeder is my favorite hand tool and I can't imagine weeding without it. It's especially helpful in removing weeds from gravel.