Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Plant Profiles: Planning for the Spring

Gardening success is often less about the work you do after a plant goes into the ground, and more about the thought and planning that happens before a plant is purchased. We wanted to take some time this cold and quiet winter to share some of our favorite plants, as well as the conditions in which they thrive.

We will organize the profiles into the same categories that we organize our nursery: Sun, Shade, Deer Resistant Sun, and Deer Resistant Shade. Within those categories, we will highlight other characteristics, such as wet-tolerant plants for uses in marshy, stream side areas, salt-tolerant plants for roadside locations, and we will also highlight low-maintenance plants (work horses of the garden that thrive on neglect!)

Hopefully these plant profiles will give you lots of ideas on how to fill in or fix up problem areas on your property, maybe we will introduce you to a new plant that inspires a winter plan for new garden bed come spring - dream of green, while the world outside is covered with a blanket of white.

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