Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tall, Medium, and Short Perennials That Bloom in the Fall

Tall Perennials For Fall Blooms

Eupatorium fistulosum (joe-pye weed)-pictured above- zones: 3-8
pinkish purple flower clusters sit atop tall stems.

Cimicifuga simplex (common name: bugbane) zones: 4-8
Tall upright spikes full of star shaped white flowers.

Anemone Japonica (windflower) zones: 5-8
A fall blooming anemone (often confused with the spring blooming and summer blooming type)with single cupped flowers that stand above the foliage. Flowers are in pink or white.

Aster (Aster) zones 5-8
Clusters of daisy like flowers typically with yellow centers. Plants flower in white, purple or pink.

Rudbeckia(black eyed susan) zones: 3-9
Daisy like yellow flowers with a brownish center. One of the easiest perennials to grow.

Medium Fall Blooming Perennial Plants

Chelone (turtlehead)-pictured above- zones: 5-9
A unique name and a fun plant to grow. The pink flowers are shaped like a turtles' head supposedly, I have this one in my garden, the flowers brighten up the fall garden.

Sedum (live forever) zones: 3-10
Autumn Joy is the most popular variety. It is a very hardy plant with clusters of light pink flowers that deepen to a burgundy color as the weather cools down.

Tricyrtis (toad lily) zones: 5-9
Another unique plant that is fun to grow. The flowers are small but they are so interesting to look at. They have spots and speckles on them. Easy to grow.

Kniphofia (hot poker plant) zones: 5-9
Grass like leaves with stalks bearing cone shaped spikes of brightly colored flowers.

Short Fall Blooming Perennial Plants

Liriope (lilyturf)-pictured above- zones: 5-10
Evergreen grass great to use for edging beds. A puple flower stalk emerges in fall. The leaves can be dark green and glossy or lighter green with a white stripe. The picture on the right shows variegated liriope in the foreground. The pink flowers are from garden phlox that sits close to the fence.

Sedum (dragons blood sedum) zones 4-9
A low growing ground cover sedum that gets little reddish purple flowers in the fall. the foliage turns from a green succulent look to a burgundy
coloring as fall emerges. It is slow growing.

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