Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Full Moon Maple: 20% off: Japanese Maple: Acer japonicum dissectum 'Green Cascade'

Acer japonicum dissectum 'Green Cascade', also called Full Moon Maple, is a lovely tree that stays small and can be easily shaped to your taste. This cultivar maintains a growth habit like the palmatum dissectums, although it tends to be an aggressive weeper with a good strong structure. It loves to be pruned, so go ahead, give it a hair cut and experiment with a large-scale bonsai! Its natural shape tends to be mounding with a mature height to 5'. It’s foliage is a rich green color that turns a beautiful combination of red,orange and yellow.

Mature size: 5' tall and wide
Light: Full sun to part shade
Cold hardy: Zone 5
Leaf color: Fern-like leaves - bright green with red, orange and yellow in the fall.

The ones we have in stock stand about 4' now. $52 plus 20% off!

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