Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Color: Fruiting Shrubs - Callicarpa Japonica (Japanese Beaty Berry)

Changing foliage is not the only option for color in your fall garden – callicarpa, winterberry, cotoneaster, pyracanthus and holly all show off with colorful berries in autumn.

Japanese Beautyberry
Callicarpa japonica
Hardiness Zone: 5 - 8
Mature Height: 4-6 Feet
Mature Width: 4-6 Feet
Small, pink flowers bloom mid-late summer; clusters of small, bright violet-purple berries in autumn; yellow or purplish autumn color. Prefers full sun to light shade; moist, well-drained soil; best in acid soil, but tolerates neutral soil pH.
Mature Form: Rounded with arching branches.
Native To: Japan
Soil condition: Well-Drained Moist
Tolerance: Wind

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