Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blooms for your spring garden: Black Perennial Violets

The perennial Viola 'Black Magic' offers dramatic dark blooms year after year. We only have these in the spring, so don't miss out. Stop by and pick some up while you still can.


Bohemian Grey Matter said...

do you know if it's possible to get black violets in the States between oct - early dec? I want to use them in my wedding bouquet. are they easily available from florists, generally?

Victoria Gardens said...

I'm not sure how common violets are as a cut flower. In the fall I think it would be possible to get black pansies and black violets, right up until a hard frost most places. There is even a variety called "Icicle' Pansies, which you plant in the fall and then they rebloom the following spring.

Definitely check with your florist though.