Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peat Eliminator: Help Save The World!

Perhaps the biggest contribution of peat bogs to a healthy environment is as “global coolers,” helping to fight climate change. As the mosses grow, they absorb carbon dioxide, which is locked up within the plant structure as the plants turn to peat. Scientists think these bogs contain more carbon than all the world’s tropical rain forests. But when the bogs are drained for peat extraction or otherwise disturbed, the peat starts to decompose and the carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere, where it acts as a potent greenhouse gas.

In the U.K., the National Trust estimates that country’s bogs store carbon equivalent to about 20 years’ worth of national industrial emissions. Fearful that two centuries of damage is causing the bogs to dry out, releasing the carbon into the atmosphere, the Trust is urging the government to conserve and protect the country’s declining number of peat bogs as a way of curbing climate change. And, in fact, peat extraction is legislated to cease there by 2012.

Not only is recolonization by the native flora and fauna probably not going to happen, the complex water tables in adjacent undrained areas are also put under threat.

Peat sold for the purpose of gardening is not a renewable resource and is destroying internationally vital plants and wildlife sites that have taken more than 10,000 years to develop.

So what is the alternative to help the composition of your soil AND help save the world?
Yes, finely shredded coconut shells offer all the benefits of peat, but coconuts are a renewable resource and a cash crop for emerging third-world nations like Philippines, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Thailand, and Vietnam.

One new coconut product is called Peat Eliminator and it comes in a small light-weight brick. You wet it down the same way you would Peat Moss and this small brick absorbs water and fills an entire wheelbarrow! Then you add it to your garden when you are planting or anytime to improve your soil.

  • Each bag expands to 2.3cu.ft.
  • Guaranteed better and is longer lasting than peat moss - only needs replacement every two years instead of every year
  • pH neutral
  • Absorbs water every time and retains more water
  • Provides excellent aeration and drainage
  • Coir-based, which is a fiber found in the hulls of coconuts
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic.

    Currently available in 8.25 lb bag.

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