Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Four Day Sale!!!

July 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th join us for 20% off all plants at
Victoria Gardens in ROSENDALE.

We will help you find the perfect solution to your garden design problem. Our helpful staff at Victoria Gardens will answer all your questions and help you to your car with your purchases.

We have kid and pet safe organic alternatives to chemical insecticides and fungicides. Our Veggie Pharm spray kills Japanese beetles on contact! We also have Japanese beetle traps, which help fight this non-native, invasive species. Lady bugs and praying mantids are another organic solution to garden pests.

Plus we have a wide selection of all natural organic fertilizers for your lawn and garden.

People new to Victoria Gardens have called our nursery "magical," "heavenly," and "sublime." The unique location, lush greenery, and singular, cozy atmosphere make our nursery a joy to explore, and you are sure to spot a few new exotic plants and maybe something your grandmother grew.

We are so much more than you can see from the road!
Visit and be Inspired by our wide selection of hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials.

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