Friday, February 20, 2009

Virtual Garden Tours

Seriously, what did people do before the internet?

I've been entertaining myself today by exploring other people's gardens online, and I am so excited to have visited
It is written by a couple in Franklin, MA. The wife, Michelle, took these beautiful winter interest photos of her Witch hazel, Sedum, and Bee balm.

They also have a great section under "insect identification" where she photographed all the stages of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It's really beautiful.

From the clueless gardeners, I visited posted by a man outside of Tokyo. His post for today was "Unforeseen Snowing" which confused me. Why in February is it "unforeseen"? But reading through his previous posts, his crocuses had already come up, his lilacs were budding, his Camellia had blooms, and the plum trees had already blossomed.

He took this amazing picture.

A posting from last week was "A little sign spring on the blueberry," and he meticulously photographed the buds and it's progress. I was really happy for him, a total stranger, almost ten thousand miles away. We gardeners are all alike.

(By the way if you Google Map directions from New York, NY to Tokyo, Japan, the directions send you to Seattle, and then specify "Kayak across Pacific Ocean." They provide directions for you to portage over Hawaii, and then direct you to, "Kayak across Pacific Ocean" again until you get to Japan!)

I love the internet.

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