Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deer Resistant bulbs: 'Shubertii' and 'Ivory Queen' Allium

There are many varieties of deer-resistant bulbs: daffodil, muscari, fritillaria, and allium. The most common allium is the tall 'purple sensation' which we love, but here are two lesser known varieties of allium: 'Schubertii' and 'Ivory Queen.'

In the spring everyone asks about these two varieties when they see them in our display gardens. The 'Ivory Queen' in particular is hard to identify as an allium, because of its unusual (and beautiful) foliage and its very short stature. Before 'Ivory Queen' blossoms, it looks like an exotic ground cover, and after it blooms, it still only reaches a height of about six inches. The flowers are small white spheres, and 'Ivory Queen' is best planted at the front of the bed in full sun.

'Ivory Queen' has subtle beauty, whereas 'Schubertii' looks like small fireworks in your garden.

Growing to a height of twelve to eighteen inches, 'Schubertii' is a striking pink shock in late spring, and these unusual flowers dry well and can be used for arrangements. Plant in a group of five or seven in full sun or partial shade for a dramatic effect.

In addition to being beautiful, long lasting, low-maintenance, and deer-resistant, allium are also rabbit and squirrel resistant. Amazing! Come in and see all the great deer-resistant varieties we have in stock.

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